Thursday, November 27, 2008

Red Eared Sliders!!!!

The other day I got a Red Eared Slider! The person I got it from thought it was a Painted Turtle, but I went online and did some research and found out it was, in fact, a Red Eared Slider.

Here is some information that I found online:

Life History & Habitat

Animal Planet

Red Eared Slider Poster

Fact Sheet


Red Eared Slider Care

Species Fact Sheet

Feeding List

Slider Info

Go to these websites and you can get a lot of information! Here are some pictures of my Slider:


This is a picture of my turtle. We named him Speedy (the unslow turtle).





I had been wanting a lizard for a very long time. Whenever I got the chance to go the pet store I looked at the lizards. Each one I thought looked cool, I researched it online (like the Bearded Dragonand the Curly Tail Lizard I also wanted a Web Footed Gecko). Of all the lizards I researched, none of them were what I was looking for. Then I talked with my parents, and we decided to get a snake, a Baby Ball Python. Then Speedy came up on Freecycle, he was free, but the tank was $20. I bought him on Saturday, and he came on monday. Now,I am going to take care of him, and if I do, I will soon get a Baby Ball Python!!